The Ultimate Bass Profiles



The Ultimate Bass Profiles we’re created by Double Impact Productions. The aim was to make the best bass driver pedal profiles possible.
All tones were created using high-end studio equipment like API and Neve pre-amps, SSL convertion and Protools at the Double Impact facilities.

“The Ultimate Bass Profiles” bundle contains the following:

– 7 Bass driver pedals (B7K, Vintage Deluxe, Bass Driver, VT Bass, ToneHammer, M80+, Vtone)
– 1 EQ pedal
– Direct, Amp and Cabinet profiles
– 249 High quality profiles in total.

All pedals we’re profiles using 4 different microphones and are profiled using 3.0/Merged technology.

We tried to re-create the sound of: Darkglass B7K, Darkglass Vintage Deluxe, Tech21 Bass Driver, Tech21 VT Bass, Aguilar ToneHammer, MXR M80+, Behringer BDI21, Sadowsky Preamp/DI, Mesa Boogie Walkabout and SWR Goliath III.

Double Impact Productions is in no way affiliated with the said brand names, and are just used as descriptive labeling.

Only available as download.